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Meetups and Workshops

Berlin Kick Off <p>The first partners meeting of Trust in Play took place in Berlin on 9-11 January 2019.<br> What happened? How are we approaching the project?<br> How are we building this community?<br> Read away and join!</p>
Intro to Edgeryders [Berlin Kick Off] (1)
Wording Session [Berlin Kick Off] (1)
Administrative tips for Creative Europe project [Berlin Kick Off] (14)
Official timeline and methodology (Day 1, Iris and Matoula) [Berlin Kick Off] (1)
Evaluation in Creative Europe Funding [Berlin Kick Off] (2)
Questions [wip] [Berlin Kick Off] (1)
Berlin_Memories [Berlin Kick Off] (3)
Session about Research/Pedagogical Approach (draft) [Berlin Kick Off] (1)
Introduction from Sebastian and Maria [Berlin Kick Off] (2)
What do you trust in? [Berlin Kick Off] (1)