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Unconference Planning

As part of the training week, there will be an unconference day on Thursday Oct 31 where the program is led by participants. We can use this topic to brainstorm / plan sessions.


Hey there, I would like to host a session on Social Hacking and/or Cultural Protocols.


I am interested to run a session on remote participation - and also very open to collaboration if anybody else would like to co-host that session.


Hi there, I could run a session/workshop on creative storytelling.


maybe do a workshop on creating a small urban intervention in a place of interest in the surrounding :slight_smile: materials could be: tape, chalk, carton, ribbons, balloons… and all sort of materials which can quickly get transformed into something…


I would like to host a ‘Long Table’ on the topic of Trust in Play (literally; for example how participants can understand when they are ‘playing’ or ‘being played’).

The ‘Long Table’ is a specific, unmoderated, open-ended, non-hierarchical format for enabling conversation, developed by performance artist Lois Weaver as one of her series of ‘Public Address System’ formats

It should last at least 60 minutes and people are free to come and go at any time. All that is needed is some furniture, some paper and a few pens or pencils.



I am willing to contribute in this :slight_smile:


Hi I would be interested to have a session about networked co-creation, i.e. using network technologies to support co-creation processes


Hello, I am Valia a trainee of Athens branch. I would like to organize for the first time the following science-fiction (&astrophotography) game. It will last about 1:30- 2 hours depending on the number of participants.

The escape planet game

“We are in the distant future at 4,000,000.2019 AD. Humanity is looking forward to the merger of our galaxy with the neighboring galaxy of Andromeda with great anxiety.
Scientists from around the world will present their proposals at the astronomy conference taking place at the Athens Space Station.
The space station coordinators observe that more people are coming than are invited and strange signals appear on the space station…”

  • Each team using a multi-use bottle / glass for water or coffee rather than single use plastic ones, gains extra information from the space station coordinators.

  • A QR code reader mobile application is needed to be installed in advance in your mobile phone. You can download it for free.

  • ·Feel free to wear any thematic outfit

  • If anybody wants to play the game as my colleague-coordinator of the space station, contact me in advance!

Looking forward to the training week, See you soon!


@jakob.wollekob and I want to host a session on games that help us discover our values and see how our environment makes it easy or difficult to act on them. Approximately. We will figure out exactly what we will do a bit shorter to the session.


Hey, super excited! Athens here we come! :grinning:

I am wondering about organising physical session quickly designing, and making some new games together using beamers (a.k.a. video or data projectors).

I can bring three or four projectors along (but “the more the merrier” :wink:

Are there any dark spaces near the Unconference venue? (Does not need to be complete darkness for trying stuff out, but bright sun is no fun)

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Hi Robb!
On that note of making games quickly - I can run a short session on adapting and hacking known game models to create simple expeirences/seeds. Bagel and I have been toying with and would love to share with others :smile:

-Balloon (aka Francine)


Hello! I would like to host a session on engagement and especially on how to have people come back for a second or a third run of the game!

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would like to host a small session on sensing people in spaces using computer vision and sensors, and hopefully generate game concepts based on different data points.



This is Vivi, Giulia, Rishi and Marina from the Amsterdam and the Nomadic Branch!

We want to propose a walkshop called URBAN EXORCISM - It will take us around 1.30 hours. And preferably we would love to do it in the night. It could be also an optional activity on the 30th or the last activity on the 31st.

Here more info about the URBAN EXORCISM:

Through nocturnal exploration and the use of art as a playful filter of vision, this activity proposes a renewal in the way people see stigmatized places.

The idea is to construct a new narrative for those “anti-places” of all cities, generally stigmatized neighborhoods, but that have diverse urban manifestations and great cultural importance.

With a masks workshop, a night walk and a photo/video essay, a sensitive layer of perception of the territory is proposed. The idea is to explore, investigate and use space in unusual moments - the night and dawn, promoting a different view of the place, taking advantage of the moment to make the activity a playful encounter with the environment and with all the participants.

Happy to see you all soon

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I have been developing some design cards about overcoming obstacles or barriers that may prevent strangers interacting with each other. I have tried them out in a range of contexts (from a Kyoto design office to a Bärenzwinger [bear pit] in Berlin

and with quite a wide variety of practitioners and students.

The cards work pretty well for playing in public too.

Depending on time, space and interest, I can offer activities such as:

  • using the cards to help quickly bodystorm (new concepts for urban play (with strangers). And try these out in public.
  • using cards to sketch new concepts
  • some kind of discussion event. E.g. evaluating the cards and their relevance for urban play. This can be anything from quick (or long) one-to-one interviews to a full-scale workshop. Maybe create some new cards to add to the collection (I have 25, but I am not happy with a few of them).

Some background:

(I don’t want to show images of ideas that came from previous workshops because I am really interested in the new ideas that TIP-sters will surely come up)

Hi everyone, here’s the link where we will update the unconference schedule

Sessions can be registered at the big screen in the Base at Innovathens

Hello! Is there a space to share the results of my workshop? We made a series of tables to aid in world-building, and I want to share them for people to play around with, as well as share our results.

Since it’s not about planning, but about results, I don’t think this thread would be the place for it.

Hi @awhitney , sure you can. Just start a post with the title “NOTES on + title of your workshop” in this category (meetups and workshops and calls) and post everything you want. You can see other posts like that.