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Berlin Urban Play Meetup @ 16th of March

What: Urban Play meetup
When: 2023-03-16T17:00:00Z
Where: Christinenstraße 19a, Berlin 10119

Hi lovely humans,

Where is play these days? Let’s meet and find out!
I recently moved to Berlin and along with @Simonjohnson, Eleni Kolovou and other TiPers, we would love to meet and play with you. If you have a game you want to playtest or just meet & chat or do an impromptu game jam, feel free to join us in Medley, Thursday, March 16 around 18:00. If the weather is difficult we will stay and play indoors, Medley is spacious and welcoming. If the weather is loving, we can play at the beautiful park or at Pfefferberg outdoors space.

You can register here

Let me know if you want to present an idea or a game <3

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