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NOTES - Audience development and pitching your game

2014 he observed in an immersive teather piece, called drowned man. This piece inspired him to propose a similar concept in Italy including Games and teather. They called the piece codice indaco. The applied for funds and they were succesful. They found a location for the piece. Most of the money was expend on the scenery.

The story was about an abandoned lab with an inactive machine. There were four doctors that wanted to reactivate the machine. Espectators could visit the doctors and play games in each of the station. There were games about sensing physical puzzles.

Some parts of the piece did not work because the audience had to take different roles ranging from active to pasive, which they did not always understand. At some points the audience was active when they were expected to be quiet. It was also difficult for the audience to believe in the world that was created.

Basically they had only 800 tickets, 200 for each presentation. To sell the tickets they created 8 personas that could be potentially interested. They reached out the personas through facebook ads to collect emails. There was a different landing page for each of the personas that they created. After collecting emails information about the event and also the start of the ticket sell. The converion rate for each of the 8 personas was different. Cultural innovators were the most interested in the event, nerds were some of the less interested (as percentage). In total there were 4000 persons interested. A total of 5 emails were planned. 2 teasers, one for the start of the ticket selling and one remember. The tickets were sold out during the first four hours. Every person bought 2.2 tickets in average. Nerds bought most of the tickets.

Email is the best channel of communication because is more personalized and allows a direct link to buy tickets. Facebook or instagram are more difficult to motivate people. Tickets create commitment to actually attend the event, because people need to consider their participation, the investment, even if small, increases the motivation to actually attend the event.

The project generated a lot of expectations through the campaign. The execution was in some ways below the expectations. The feedback from the public was not as good as expected. For the project to be sustainable they needed to double the price of the tickets. However, after the fourth presentation they decided to shut down the show.

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