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Introduction and Social

Welcome to Trust in Play playful human.
But first thing first, we want to know more about you!

This is the category where you can introduce yourself in an existing open call post, or in a new post if there is no current open call, or follow up in other posts, connecting with playful creators around the world.

Tell us more about yourself, your practice, projects, what do you like about games and public space, what is trust for you, a failure, a triumph, what do you drink in the morning, your fav games… whatever comes to your mind and you think could help others member of the community to know you better.

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This category is for summaries and planning related to meetings. Each meeting is a subcategory - click on a meeting to see posts only related to that meeting.


Discussion and Planning

This is a category for discussing and planning of general issues. Put topics here when you want to get input from partners on “under construction” aspects of the school.


Guides, Manuals, References

This category is for structured guides and manuals, also good for reference materials, lists of links etc.


Methodolgy toolbox

This open Methodology Toolbox is an effort to collect and condense the knowldege in this community in a semi-formalised way, something like the wikipedia of Trust in Play.
How to participate:


Elefsina Cycles

This year Trust in Play focuses on the theme of Mysteries and is powered by 2023 Eleusis European Capital of Culture. It consists of 3 Cycles: Researching, Meeting, and Playing with the Mystery!

The 3rd Cycle, “Playing with the Mystery” brings together 30 designers, creatives, performers, storytellers, and educators from all over the world from July 16th – July 23rd, in Elefsina, Greece. The City of Mysteries and Arrivals. Here you can find our preparation, content and documentation.


Athens Branch

Discussions about the Athenian Branch, Athenian Meetups, training sessions, assignments and local events should be posted under this category.


Nomadic Branch

This is a space for the Nomadic Branch to discuss, meet, plan.

The nomadic branch is the biggest, as we decided to splurge a little and work with three different communities - one international, second based in Rustavi in Georgia, and third that comes out of MICA. You will all meet each other in Athens.