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NOTES - The Trust in Play Community 101

These are the notes from Natalia session: The Trust in Play Community 101 (Tuesday Morning)

First there was a question from Luka about Edgeryders, what is it and how it works ( for more info).

Edgeryders is a project that was founded with a EU grant
We work also in Open Ethnography, with University and other organizations.

An example of a project was a mapping project in Nepal after earthquake where we mapped examples of solution from the bottom-up.
Our specialties is building communities, and writing project and we manage from our side.

We think that there is a value on share and work in the community and create the community to help you carrie on your work.

The goal for this session is to have a moment to familiarize with the platform and start using it for our design purpose as part of this community.

The first exercise that we are going to do together is:
Present yourself to each other and share a design idea (or other games that you designed) and then upload everything online under the category Prototyping and Collaborating.

(The class spent the rest of the session sharing and writing posts about it - available under the above mentioned category).

The second exercise is to look at each other posts and comment with links or other interesting things.

Thank you @natalia_skoczylas for leading this!