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Hi, I just wanted to share this call we are launching at Pergine Festival (Pergine, Italy).

OPEN /// CONTEMPORARY [URBAN] CREATION is addressed to artists (individuals, companies or collectives) operating in the context of national and international contemporary creation for public space . It aims at producing projects which create a dialogue with the urban space and its inhabitants, with the objective of encouraging productive and distributive opportunities through projects and artistic interventions that are able to reinvent / imagine / investigate public space , temporarily transforming it and its relational trajectories. Public space is conceived as a form of time and a research area, a horizon where the spectator can reconnect with the urban, historical, architectural and relational fabric of a specific place.

The call is led and promoted by Pergine Festival with a joint economical support and creative tutoring of Il Giardino delle Esperidi Festival (Campsirago, LC), Indisciplinarte (Terni), Festivals InVisible Cities – Contaminazioni digitali (Gorizia and Friuli Venezia Giulia), Periferico Festival (Modena) e Zona K (Milano).

Deadline: 12 am on the 12th December 2019.


I was just looking at this call, and I think it would be worth submitting a common proposal by a few of us, to run a mini-series of games and jams in all locations? They have a good budget to work with :wink:

I can definitelly help cooking up this proposal, with @matteo_uguzzoni’s support - who else is interested?

Ping all the nomads @Highfather @soly @MarinaKy14 @KyrAvram @BagelandBalloon @LizzieH and then nomads, ping whomever you like :wink:

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@natalia_skoczylas really great idea! I’m definitely interested in putting together a proposal with whoever else is interested. We’d need to get planning straight away though as I see the deadline for the open call is in 2 weeks (12th Dec). :kissing_heart:

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Definitely down to contribute to this. Peace peace

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Hello! I went through the info and it looks really solid! I can contribute to the brainstorming and proposal preparation
Best regards from Ouaga

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Hi all,
that proposal sounds very interesting! I have worked at the border of Slovenia Italy and and so I have some contacts in this region. Yep, I agree with Lizzie, the deadline on 12.12. is veeery soon. So: shall we start?

what are the next steps? Skype with everybody who is interested? For example tuesday 2.12. 12h? Or other time/day? or…?
@natalia_skoczylas could we have a non-public space where we can do crazy brainstorming? Or we just create a collaborative doc outside the platform…?

Best regards from the bus-train-loooong-trip

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Put me in the loop! Very interested!

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Hello all happy to help!

The platform at the moment doesn’t allow us to create closed group open to invitation, only closed group where admin or moderator can interact.

I think the fastest thing to do is to create Google Doc, with the people interested as admin, so we all have access and if someone want to jump in after we have all the powers to invite them on the doc as well.

We can use this discussion as an entry point, so basically, if you are interested on participating, write here so we know that is you requesting access to the doc.

Let’s try, here is a link to a doc that should be inaccessible but if you ask me permission I will be able to get you in and then make you admin.

I will fill it with the Call request so we can work on that together.


@LizzieH @Sa.rah @BagelandBalloon @soly @Highfather @natalia_skoczylas

hi, I would be really interested to be part of this, I will try to do my best to contribute to brainstorming

So sorry for dropping out, having a very intense end of the working season.

So, how about a short call this weekend/Monday maximum - time is flexible, but I will be in South America, so anything in the European afternoon would be better;) Say, Monday lunchtime? And then we create a document and put it all together.

I’m a bit torn between two approaches, we either do a more specific design proposal or we just propose us as a community to do several designs and then present the work in the course of the festival? More open ended, but maybe not as convincing? What do you think

Hey Lydia, if you click on the link and request an access I can add you to the google doc

Hello, they are pretty strict on that, they are accepting two kind of proposal, which I think is the first decision to make:

  1. a new production realised through a shared process of tutoring and creative development;
  2. the presentation of projects that have been already produced and presented, which should eventually be re-designed for the urban space and the different contexts of each partner city.

You are suggesting more the second one, right?


yes, let’s talk! Week-end is fine for me. Monday afternoon too. How about monday 15h (Berlin time, UTC+1) for example?

I thought only option 1 was possible (create new production). Application form:

How would option 2 work (present & adopt work)? For this section you have to say where you presented the work already, how many people were involved and what are the needs for re-adaptation, images, technical needs (see application form for presentation work: So…we all propose a work we did independently of each other? But then where is the connection between these works and why would they be in one application rather than in separated applications? This is why I thought only option 1, create a new production, is an option.

The deadline is basically on wednesday 11.12. as we are in different time-zones and on 12.12. in the morning everything has to be uploaded.

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Monday December 9, at 15 Berlin time works for me too! I think one good thing to do before that is that everybody that want to be involved had read carefully the application and the difference between the two options so we can decide about it during the call.

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Hi all,
@BagelandBalloon @lydiamanitsidou @soly @natalia_skoczylas @LizzieH @Highfather
does monday 9.12.2019 15h Berlin time work for you as well? If not: what time (+timezone) do you suggest?

I am in, tomorrow, 3pm!

Great, I also think new production is the better option here :slight_smile:

Also, where is @KyrAvram :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone and sorry for being absent in this discussion. My head-space is occupied a lot with personal stuff at the moment, life-decisions to make and so on and so forth.

I don’t think I have the capacities to contribute to this at this point (and I am also travelling tomorrow afternoon which might make skyping tricky). If you end up coming up with something where I can hop into the process at another point, I am happy to do so.

tomorrow 15.00 berlin time works for me too

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Oooook, so we speak in 45min… @matteo_uguzzoni would you start the call (and we send you our skype-names in private messages…)?

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