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NOTES on TiP Participatory Design methodology

@george_sam & @MariaS presented the main rationale behind the importance of a participatory urban games design toolkit that will hopefully become a TiP methodology at the end of the project.
The methodology is an open doc and all TiPers are encouraged to comment and mace additions to it.

During the workshop participants were split into three workgroups 1) Ethics 2) Communities&Stakeholders and 3) Playful Design Methods and we will incorporate all comments into the draft of TiP Methodology

Here is a link to the notes handed out to the participating working groups:

For ease of reference in the physical form of the document, the notes follow a single, linear numbering, so you will find:
#1. Getting Involved with a community/communities, on p. 1-4
#2. Ethics and Legal Concerns, on p. 5-8
#3. Playful Methods fr Research and Design, on p. 9-14

Further, in the beginning of each chapter you will find a link to the longer source text, for anyone who wishes to delve into the work in progress.