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Safety and consent in games - webinar with Johanna Koljonen and Aron Birtalan, 9th of October 2019

Hello dear TIPers!

Johanna (as seen) by Nadina Wiórkiewicz

We’re thrilled to announce an upcoming webinar on the issues of consent and safety in game design, this time in a discursive format between Johanna Koljonen, an expert and guru for many in this domain, and @aronbirtalan, whose practice is largely informed by Johanna’s work. They never had a chance to speak in person about it - it won’t happen this time, but we’re bringing them closer together ;))

We invite you to join the discussion at 5PM CET

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

And we have for you some preparatory materials:


Hey Dears,

Very humbled to have done this! Thank you so!
Here’s a very quick summary of what those ominous children’s camps were and are:

I’m working on a longer writeup as we speak, but if you have any questions or inquires please contact me!


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