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Politics in Urban Games - webinar recording

Here’s the recording of our session last Friday - it was a very inspiring discussion, not a hard thing with speakers like Andrea and Tassos.

Here are some additional links to dive into: Lyst Coney Coney+Greenpeace
Bernie De Koven

And some questions to consider:

A question: in this political climate that is really polarized, games can be a powerful tool, but sometimes we create things that are experienced only by people that are already in our community/side/bubble, how do you manage to jump on the other side and expose your work to people that are in the opposite of you in political term?

Another question: Politics in games, there is power, there is ideology? How do you avoid a sort of moral grandstanding and value signaling? is it even a thing to be avoided? And also what is the balance of fun/enjoyment and purpose?

The last pre-Athens webinar is happening on the 9th of October at 5pm CET - sign up here: