Week 7 - Webinar - How to Playtest


This week we had an amazing discussion on “How to Playtest” one of the most important section of Game design, we talked with Maria Saridaki (@MariaS) , Sebastian Quack (@sebquack) and Jason Corace (@JasonCorace), three of the most experience Game Designer of the community.

Enjoy the video and, if you have any question, just post it as a comment, this is the space to continue the conversation :slight_smile:


thank you for the great facilitation and organisation @matteo_uguzzoni & @natalia_skoczylas

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I’m in the process of trying to organise a playtest in Lisbon for my game early next week. As I’ll have a small group together I thought it would make sense to playtest a couple of games at once. Would someone like me to try playtesting their game at the stage it’s at now? Trying to coordinate so we can all get stuff tested :kissing_heart:

Not sure how Coronovirus might affect this, trying to think of a social isolation-friendly way to playtest…

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Hi Lizzie! Thank you for offering to playtest our games! For mine, I am not sure what I should playtest at the moment since I think that I need to have a simple prototype for the polyominoes of the puzzles (maybe with some carton boxes first). But it is a game the requires to have a number of participants (I think more than 3 for the playtest). The thing I would like to test is the dynamic and the flow of the game considering the instructions and rules I have written so far. I would appreciate some comments on my text! The links are here

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