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Summer Social on Trust in Play

I’d like to ask you all what kinds of activities, online and offline, would be interesting for you to have run by our community over the next weeks, in June and July?

I was asked by @matteo_uguzzoni to suggest a couple of ideas for us - and I feel that webinars were great, but it’s maybe time to move into something different.

I’m throwing in a few suggestions, but these are not binding - I’d love to hear what kinds of meetings and formats would be interesting for you, and push your work further.

  1. Collaborative writing of a grant - in early June, we could set up a small working group in which we would develop a collective proposal for few interventions in your countries. I believe projects in places that are underfunded will be welcome, and they can happen worldwide, so we could focus on rural Portugal, Namibia and Burkina - ping @Highfather @soly and @LizzieH as potential hosts, but also everyone else who is now scattered around and has some good ideas and would like to be part of this, if you feel like forming a small collective for that purpose is a good match for you.

Solidarity, connection and openness are keywords to play around.

There is also this fund - and we could try to activate our partners from Poland and Hungary here, for example, @Anna.szilagyinagy and @MGrelewski - if that sounds like something you’d like to explore, we can set up a collective around playfulness and civic participation, for example, using some of the ideas and games already designed in the process here, and experience and talents of our community.

  1. We are planning to launch a magazine and invite you to write pieces about your work, areas of interest, methodologies, discoveries, things that drive you and excite you, or scare you, or you know, anything else - around urban play, space, connectedness, and fun. Of course, there’s an extra spin on how your work was affected by the crisis and how you envision the role of play, human contact, urban space change over the course of the years - what will stay, how will these adapt, how will we change. But also, really, anything else.

I was wondering if while we’re rolling out the call, and the details of it, and then start writing, you’d like to also hold a couple of research-meetings in which we’d for example talk to some interesting spatial practitioners or designers or activists, using online spaces such as Second Life or Animal Crossing, or other super popular digital agoras - to explore the potential, test the limits, and try new things out but also support your work and inquiry into a topic.

  1. As the MICA trainees were tinkering with the podcast format, maybe some kind of audio-experiment would also be a nice thing to try out for some of us?

This is an open list, so if there’s something else, feel free to add it - and I’ll be here to make it happen :slight_smile:

@matteo_uguzzoni @soly @MarinaKy14 @Highfather @BagelandBalloon @LizzieH @LeaLeroy @awhitney @KyrAvram @jyow @Coll1sion @LukaMilorava @giulia.25 @GavinWood @lilyhiggins @vitorfreire @vivianacordero @Olina @michail_galanakis @Katerina_P @nikos @Lynx @GiorgosPapavasileiou @jsenzel @izabel.k @nikolas_kan @Katerina @lydiamanitsidou @Sa.rah


Dear @natalia_skoczylas, Dear @matteo_uguzzoni Dear All,
Indeed we as a Departament Gier (and Topografie Association) are open for collaborative writing a grant. As many of you we had a bunch of ideas for outdoor activities and as alI of you we were forced to look for something else. I will have a look at this particular grant and see if we have some ideas for this. If anone of you have - give me a sign as well!


@natalia_skoczylas thank you for the suggestions! Research-meeting and all your other suggestions sound great!
It would be great to hear some more success-stories on how to make money / make a living with Urban Games. The webinar on that subject focused on how to work with a comunity. It would be great to hear some stories of people.
Maybe also some researchers could share their insights on design-processes with us.
Sunny greetings!

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On the entertainment side:

  • playing night and discussion (LARP works really well online as social games like Mafia)
  • Open playtest night (bring your prototype, reserve a 45 minutes spot, and we will be there for you)

On the learning side (tutorial):

  • Open tutorial, teach me something in 30 minutes
  • How to write a rule sheet for your game
  • How to involve your stakeholder (@george_sam + Happy birthday!)
  • How to start a mailing list (long tail)

That would be cool! unlimitedJCA, JUMP and Pocket Park are really open structures! We can imagine something related to the latest workshops that we are organising in Ouagadougou.

By November 2020 we should have electricity (and internet!) in JUMPHUB, so we can imagine even something online with people from JUMP and from its community (French speaking community)

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Super, how about trying a call and checking out in which directions we could go with it? I would say Wednesday or Monday afternoon next week to start with, if we can’t manage it, we will find an alternative. Feel free to bring other calls with you :slight_smile:

And a question to @g.ferri - do you happen to know a female who designs serious games and whom I could contact to invite to make a public, online session for us? I can check the second, but if you could share with me some names and contacts, I’d be super grateful! If you also have some heroines in the domain of RPG, that would be amazing (or you, @matteo_uguzzoni) and everyone else :slight_smile:

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@natalia_skoczylas Really great ideas!

I’m very up for doing some collaborative grant writing. I actually know a couple of people in the early stages of setting up art/craft/society related residencies in rural Portugal, maybe it’s worth having a chat with them to see if we could partner up and bring in a games element. @soly your idea of doing something with JUMP / Pocket Park sounds really nice.

The magazine and online research meetings are a good idea too.

What can we do to help make these things happen?


How about we have a call next week? I can do Monday or Wednesday afternoon, we could bounce some ideas and see what makes sense and decide to start with? We have some time before the call opens, so it could be a good way to gauge the directions that interest us. Would you, @LizzieH, @soly @MGrelewski be up for that?

@natalia_skoczylas a call sounds like a good idea… I could do either Mon or Weds, but not between 4-6pm Lisbon time.

Great! I am available both Mon and Wed. Just to make things clear: are we going to discuss ideas for Culture of Solidarity grant (as Civic Europe is already closed)?

Yes, and any other calls that you might know of and want to try, of course.

How about 7.30 PM CET on Wednesday then? Will be great to see you all :wink: and, @Sa.rah too!

Yey, lets meet!

I could make monday work if I change some things, but would need to know it ASAP. Wednesday from 7pm I cant, and before that Lizzie cant…

Ok, so I’d propose Monday, 8 PM CET - looks like the most probable point for all of us. Let me know if that works for everyone and talk soon <3


hello, I can come on Monday, but maybe with few minutes late. Sorry in advance! See you soon!

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8pm CET on Monday sounds great, see you all there! I’ll see if the people I know with the rural Portugal connections are interested, maybe they can join the call too.

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That’s all great! In fact, I do believe having a focus, or at least an exchange, between places that are less funded and supported by cultural entities, gives any idea we can come up with a great advantage. If we can craft it so that we can serve local populations in Burkina, rural Portugal, maybe non-urban Poland, our chances of getting funded are significantly higher.

Sleep over it and see you on Monday. Have a great weekend, everyone <3

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We’ll meet here, at 8PM CET

See you later!

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