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Hi! My name is Giulia, I am from Italy and I live in the Netherlands for three years now.
I am originally an architect, although, during the last two years, I decided to move my focus to wider scale projects, by paying more attention to people opinions and feelings. I left behind me the traditional top-down approach that old architecture schools teach and I started to discover how much more complex and effective is having a bottom-up method to deal with urban issues.
Today, I believe in participatory planning, and being able to apply citizens’ knowledge to my projects is a pleasure. I love being in contact with diverse people and learning from their experience. I have recently participated to an architecture/urban development competition in Germany in which I had the luck to meet a very sweet and proactive community – the final result was very dynamic installation, which, we believe, it started a process of revitalization of a public square. Nevertheless, I discover my crazy passion for building things – I think I was sleeping with the driller in my hands :smiley:
Today I am involved in diverse organizations and activities that are related to placemaking, tactical urbanism and urban development and I hope that Trust in Play will help me learn more tools to cultivate my passion.