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Sounds good! I am in too

Team Berlin!

  1. If you didn’t see it yet, check out Berlin Berlin! Rendez-vous’, events, and other social things

  2. A few of us will meet on Friday the 5th of July at 18.30 at Admiralsbrücke instead of tomorrow. It would be so so sweet if any of you want to join in!

With a breeze and sunshine,

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Hey :slight_smile:

The two people I knew were coming are sick or deadline-ridden.
Let me know if you want to come so I make sure to be there on time.
If noone shouts, I will go to my brothers stand up comedy graduation instead :smile:


Hey Andy! Your work seems great! I am travelling to CR early next month was wondering if you still know of any interesting organisations/people that do urban games or work in placemaking? My background is actually in social change. I am interested in creating transformative experiences that bring people together through art, culture and food. I have a small NGO in Bulgaria called Meeting Points and currently looking at relocating to CR (long story). Would love to connect!

Hey everyone, we’re back with amazing Webinars for you - in late sept we will discuss politics in game design (TBC very soon), and in October we’re meeting specialists in safety and consent - Johanna Koljonen and Aron Birtalan. You can already register for it :slight_smile: Safety and consent in games - webinar with Joanna Koljonen and Aron Britalan, 9th of October 2019

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Only saw your message now, to much of a newb at edgeryders! Of course you’re more than welcome to give Enclosures a go yourself using the online materials, but I have family in London area so might also be able to organise something more official with you next time I’m over there, if you like?

that sounds great Lizzie! keep me posted!

Are you here in Athens?