Berlin Berlin! Rendez-vous', events, and other social things

You want to tell folks in Berlin about an event that’s too-good-to-miss, invite them over for games and cake or communicate something else that falls into the category of “social things in Berlin”? This is the place for all of that.


It is great to have this chat! I’m now on vacation and will come back to Berlin in August. Would love to meet with you then!

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Yeah what a great thread !! I will make use of it right away.
I decided to host my first Out Of Character Party on the outskirts of Berlin this Saturday, from 18:30 - 22:00. >eaahh! It is inspired by the Human Systems Curriculum, you can read up on it here HSx — Run Your Own Human Systems Events and Games - Google Docs

I already invited some friends but feel called to extend the invitation to future friends and unknown people. Here is the invite text:

" Hey dears!
We are going to try an experiment: playing ‘out of character’ for a whole evening!
A night of playfully facing how we are afraid to be seen. There will be an introduction at the beginning, so please respect the time. If you want to more details, feel free to contact me. I am also sending out an experience snippet of an out of character party, so you have a clearer image.
Snacks and tea will be provided, feel free to bring along your favorite drink.

When: Saturday 29th, 18:30-22 o’clock
There will be 12 people maximum, so please let me know if you’d like to come soon :slight_smile:

Come in an outfit how you are afraid to be seen!
If you feel like this speaks to you, shoot me a message here or on WhatsApp 015141457146 and I will send you the details.
Looking forward to play with you!

Jakob, how sweet that you found Joe and crew :slight_smile:
Will you join for picnic earlier that day?
I’d love to continue the conversation we began last year.
There or over iced coffee drinks some time.

hi! yes very sweet :slight_smile: I dont know about picnic that day, but I will be joining the games tonight at Tempelhofer, so maybe see you there?
big hugs

Hi Jakob! I am Vasilis, another enthusiastic gamer/designer in Berlin!

This looks amazing and I 'd gladly join, but unfortunately I already made plans this Saturday :frowning:
Anyway I hope to join a possible future event, if you can share it a bit earlier next time.

Have fun and I hope to meet and play with people in this group soon ! :smiley:


Lovelies, I am back in Berlin tomorrow, for 10 days - I will see you on the 5th then! As I am curating a festival atm in Steglitz, I’d be super happy to talk to you about it and invite you to join

I have also created a whole category for Berlin, so that we can actually have posts dedicated to different topics and actions :slight_smile:

Ping: @Susi, @digitalboaz, @jakob.wollekob, @AnYa, @id4marina, @paulschmidt, @natalia_skoczylas, @anaisanais, @Ann, @Varvara


Hey! Cool, would love to catch up and have a chat about the festival. I am gone till the 7.07, but am free after that.

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Hi all,
shall we have another meeting in Berlin?! In december?! For example on saturday 14.12.? Or sunday 15.12.? Or monday 16.12.?! Or…!!! 13h? 18h? …?
What do you think?!
Hope to see you all soon!!!

Hello everyone!

Shall we try to get together again? How about next week or a Sunday brunch this weekend? Who’s in Berlin, who’s available, maybe - who is going to Transmediale and wants to do a pop-up something together there? :slight_smile:

@Sa.rah @Susi @digitalboaz, @jakob.wollekob, @AnYa, @AnneLorraine @id4marina, @paulschmidt, @anaisanais, @Ann, @Varvara @sebquack @Simonjohnson

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Great idea! I am in! Sunday 26.1. brunch sounds great! Next week thursday 30.1. would work as well.
Hope to see you soon!

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Let’s do Sudblock then, and wait for the others to join :slight_smile: around 1 PM maybe?

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Yes! Great! Seeya on sunday!

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Hi all,
I will be at the game creators hangout tomorrow thursday: Bei Meetup anmelden | Meetup
As well as at the peace game jam this friday/saturday.
Let’s meet there?! Or at another time/place :))

We’ll be playing The Glass Bead Game this Monday from 8-11pm in Mauerpark - come play!

The Glass Bead Game is a game of co-creating ideas, of making sense of our world and finding meaning. The gameplay cleverly merges players viewpoint, making our complex world easier to understand in a non-confrontational way.

The simplest form of the game is a spoken improvisation of one minute turns between two players. Players are given a topic from a set of archetopics, and play a total of 10 one minute turns.

Get in touch on +34611341954 on signal/WhatsApp/telegram!

Hello, I just moved to Berlin and am eager to meet up with anyone from the community.

To you,


Hey :slight_smile: I am in Berlin, let’s meet and play

hope to see you soon,