On my way to Elefsina

Dear commmunity,

Im starting to plan my way to Trust in Play :slight_smile: and have some questions and invitations that I would like to share with you…

Im arriving by ferry to Patras in Greece on July 6th. From there I want to go to Delphi for a couple of days and then to Athens, for a week, before actually traveling to Elefsina to start playing along!!

My questions have to do with the public transport system, I have found several companies but not a clear way across Greece, so I am looking for help from someone with more experience to teach me some basic moves.

The invitation is for those who will be in Athens in advance, either to rent a common apartment and share expenses or to meet there and discover the city together.

Anyyhow, Im Ioooking forward to meet you in person,
τα λέμε σύντομα


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Hey @didiegogo

Unfortunately there’s no consistent or systematized public transport system throughout Greece.
Don’t mind the train, it’s a painful story and it won’t reach Delphi.

For your case, I think the intercity buses/coaches (called ΚΤΕΛ or KTEL) will work best. They are locally/regionally run, and pretty much every region has their own provider and website. Most towns/cities have a single coach station (except Athens, which has a couple), and villages have a stop, but you can get on the bus and buy a ticket en route. No fear, they are reasonably priced, their ticket prices are fixed (so no skyrocketing for last minute tickets), and all you need to worry about is their seat availability. But if you buy a ticket in advance, like a day before, you’ll be fine. You can do that on the spot (on the counter in the station), cause most KTEL websites are quite messy.

For long-term planning, you will need a bit of luck and knowledge of greek geography to get through, otherwise check here. TBH I haven’t tried traveling with a rome2rio ticket, I only use it for planning, so I don’t know if they are legit. I would personally go to the station the earliest possible and buy my way out.
Bear in mind that the bigger a city is, the more connections they have, and the farther they get. So you might not be able to easily find a coach from/to Delphi from the website of Patras or Athens KTELs, but Fokida’s KTEL (Fokida is Delphi’s prefecture) might work better, cause they have direct, end-line connections to both the bigger cities.

I hope that helps,
Have a great trip, happy plays

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Hi Diego!

I’ll be coming to Athens July 12th from Stockholm and would love to share a place and explore from the 12th to the 16th! I found a nice place from those dates that would be so nice to share… looking at hostels now and they are pretty expensive!


Hi Diego/Tatiana/everyone,

I’ll also be in Athens two days before we start! So if anyone wants to link up, or look at sharing accommodation I would be happy to join in if it helps costs (and to meet before Elefsina would be nice :slight_smile: )


Hallo hallo everyone!

I’ll be in Athens from the 14th and then also from the 23rd to the 26th.
I’ve booked two rooms to be on the safe side but I can cancel them until almost the last day and I would love to share an apartment with you and/or others.

@tbodnar: did you already find someone to share the place? I’d love to join but don’t know if it makes sense for you to have me only for the last 2 nights (14-16)… let me know!

Hope to catch up with some of you in Athens before!
Saulti da Berlino :slight_smile:

Hi Chiara, I haven’t booked yet but I’m thinking ofspending the following days in the following places:
13th-15th Crete
15th-16th Athens (1 night)

23- 25th Athens (2 nights)

I would be interested in sharing with you if you would want someone to share with for only some of those days, let me know! You can reach me on whatsapp +46793411665

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@george_sam thanks you very much for the tips!

@tbodnar @chiara_7 @Finich and @Amy I’m planning to arrive in Athens on the 9th, and I’m a little confused, as you mention you plan to stay there until the 16th, and I thought we need to be in Elefsina already by the 14th…

I might be hard to find a place for all of us, but not impossible. Even if we do not stay in the same place, let’s share contacts to meet up there. My WhatsApp is +525513759467.


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Hallo Diego!

In the confirmation email that I received, the dates were moved to 16th-23d of July (see the screenshot of the email).

I can send you the entire email if you want!

Did I get something wrong?

Thanks @chiara_7 !! I was looking into the webpage, but now that you mentioned, I do remember that email and I do have it… You are so right!!

So we have more time to enjoy Athens before moving to Elefsina.

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I just reserved a room in Exarcheia. The owner says in its description that he has more apartments within that same building, so if you want me to ask for them, I can do so… Otherwise you can take a look at the place here: https://air.tl/haKAiyZ4

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An update on my plans: I’ll arrive in Crete on the 9th and stay there until at least the 12th. I could travel by ferry to Athens on the 14th and would be super down to share accomodation until the summer school starts. How are we thinking of getting there? Bus/split a car rental?

Hello @didiegogo when I was in Athens for the first TIP I took the same trip and went to Delphi via bus, it was pretty cheap and I would say fast (few hours). The Archeological site and the museum were great! Also I spent a night there and it was super easy to find a place to stay without reserving, but just walking on main street and asking prices, I remember I ended up on a place a little outside but silent and clean. Here I mentioned something about it Reflection on the International Training Week also great to see you @george_sam !!

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Hi Diego,

I also reserved a room in Exarcheia for 14.-16. in this hotel (suggested by a friend of a friend).
And this small studio for 1 person, always in Exarcheia, for 23.-26.

@tbodnar @Finich @Amy: I can cancel my bookings up to 5 days the hotel and 1 day the studio before my arrival and I’d love to share a place with some of you. I just don’t have the capacity now to look for other apartments, sorry! I’ll keep checking here to see if someone needs a flatmate for those days :wink:

Looks like bus is a good and cheap option!


I have booked a single room in the same building as Diego for 14-16 the and 23-15th.

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Hello Amy, in which building did you book for the 23-15th? I may change to the same building for those days too :slight_smile:

Hi guys :slight_smile:

I decided to stay on island outside of Athens called Andros from 13.7 to 15.7 and will stay in Athens the night of 15.7 - 16.7… anyone have an extra spot that they would like to share for that night?

Would be great to all meet up before then :slight_smile:


Hi friends,
A bit late to this and missed the intro call :') I will be in Athens from 13th - 16th and currently looking for accommodations, if anyone still looking for sharing accommodations feel free to dm here or on whatsapp (you can find me in the whatsapp group with number ending in 418)
update: temporarily booked an airbnb in athens, it got another bed! hmu


Hi Jo! I’ll be getting to Athens from a nearby island on the 15th… perhaps we can meet up share the room that night? Would love to be with another TIP for our trip the next day :slight_smile:

Let me know as I haven’t booked my Saturday night yet!