Mozilla Hubs - A Quickly Intro

Hiya everyone!

BAGEL here. After our Week 10 catchup it was great to see the interest in the Mozilla Hubs platform from the community, so I thought I’d make a video introducing you (very haphazardly) to some of the cool things you can do in this spatial social hangout service!

Let me know what you think, if you have any questions, and whether you want to explore certain features more thoroughly!



My aim is to make a series of videos:

  • Quickly Introduction
  • What is Mozilla Hubs + Spoke?
  • How to get models into Spoke / Hubs
  • How to make GLB files using Unity3D + ProBuilder
  • How to create a cool environment in Spoke
  • How to import your own avatar into Hubs
  • How to tell stories and play games in Hubs

Wonder if anyone has any other ideas for videos I could do? :slight_smile:


Hi @BagelandBalloon
Thank you for preparing this video!
It opens up many possibilities for us! It seems that we would need some practice to learn how to navigate the rooms and use the tools but it is looks like a cool platform!
Do the people in the same room use only chat to communicate or is there a possibility for using video/microphone?

Hi Marina!

Thank you! Yes you can use video and microphone to communicate too! Not explored this fully yet but seems to work well when your internet speeds are okay :wink:

We’ve challenged ourselves to make a local urban space in Mozilla Hubs.

Here’s a brief tour of Manchester Gardens, a quiet little park in London, England, via the Chrome browser.