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Call for ideas: Trust in Play Solstice's Party, 20th of June 2020: deadline extended until 10th of June

In Greece’s Kronia on that day hierarchies used to be abandoned and moral and legal laws were partly suspended, to create a utopian setting for very special celebrations.

Some of the most impressive feats of human architecture, Chichén Itzá in Mexico or Stonehenge in the UK, were built in perfect alignment with this event, creating a spectacular stage for people to experience the longest day of the year.

In Australia, campfires are set around the country to this day, to celebrate the earth on that date. And the Slavs continue celebrating the date with their Kupala - an event dedicated to fertility and rich harvests, and some of them seek for fern flowers on that night to bring luck and prosperity.

We’re planning our very special Trust in Play Solstice’s Games Party on the 20th of June, during which we want to join the worldwide celebrations by showcasing your hard work and wonderful harvest of games, and create a space for new ideas, prototypes, rituals, encounters and delight. This event will be centered around showcasing your games, inviting our wider community to play them in an online environment, but we’re also opening it to everyone who’d like to try out new things, present, talk, share, improve, laugh, prototype.

This is a call for all of you to join us in this almost full-day experience. We’re inviting all of you to suggest a session (we called them “rooms”) of your choice and design to be part of it. You’re free to choose what this will be.

Think and then fill up this form before June 10th and we will curate it into the program.

The full schedule will be announced on the 15th of June.

We’re soooo looking forward to celebrating the Solstice with you!

PS. We need a dress code - any proposals, wishes, dreams? :slight_smile:


And I’d love to invite @will @alex_levene and @aronbirtalan to join us with an experience of their own

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And @Simonjohnson - if you can pencil that date into your calendar as well :slight_smile:

sounds like fun. not sure what I would share at the moment that could be done remotely but I’m up for joining

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Definitely want to be part of it.
Not sure if I’ve anything to bring with me.
I’ll sign up anyway

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We’ve extended the deadline for proposals, as this week was difficult and slow - the attention of most of us was somewhere else, with important problems and challenges around the world.

I’d love to encourage some of our most active members to consider submitting something, or at least joining us for this occasion. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with you and spending this special day together on all things playful, weird, new and old.



Wow wow wow, thanks for mentioning, I will think if I can propose something or just join. Super cool!

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