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Athens Training Week Ideas and Playful Ambassadors

This is a space to share ideas and proposals regarding the social part of the October Training Week.
As local game designers and athenians, what should/could we offer to our guests?
Any proposals or offers to be a playful ambassador, host a game, or experience?


I would love to play hide and seek at the Parthenon :)))


hehe, I am sure that would be a wonderful hide & seek experience, especially the running around from the police <3
Parthenon hide & seek interested noted!

Hmmm would love to test my tavli skills with some Athenians…!

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Hi all,
yes, lets play in Athens!
Do you know of any lists/wikis/… of (urban) games - with explanation of the game and how it works? I would be personally very interested in a small encyclopedia of games and maybe it is also helpful for this community / the training week in Athens…? Or has this question already been answered elsewhere…? :slight_smile:

Hi Sarah, what a great thought. Discovering and cataloguing urban games! I would however propose to start a different post on that subject, would you feel like making it happen?

In the meantime @matteo_uguzzoni has shared Ludocity’s playable games and there is also the vast cataloguing of our beloved Bernie de Koven e.g. his [funny games] collection ( Many can definitely be considered as urban games or inspiration for urban play. there are also quite a few catalogues for traditional street games. Let’s start a post about this encyclopedia of urban games and see how it goes.

Done. New Thread in “Guides, manuals, …”. Feel free to put the thread somewhere else, if you think thats better. Also it would be ok for me, if you just take such a question of mine and open a new thread or put it somewhere else, if you think thats better (:

We could try to boot-start an economy with conflicting social classes (player groups) pursuing personal and collective agendas. I have organized a similar scenario before in a 25-30 players scale, for the “Scool” edularp in Patras. It didn’t require larp experience, although it did require a bit of exposure and desire to roleplay according to directives.

It has a pretty low print-prop-cost also, although there are some graphic design necessities. With veteran NPCs presiding over each group and forcing turmoil, and also portraying a higher authority that will keep things running (until they are too extreme to be contained) it could run from a good 1,5-2 hours, to a multiple-scenes narrative across the day.

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How about organising a special game for Halloween? With costumes maybe?

Great idea @natalia_skoczylas! We can ask everyone to bring along costumes/scary paraphernalia/ do face painting and hit the streets. Fyi in Greece kids do not trick or treat, but I believe they will be few events on the night of the 31st and many more on Saturday the 2nd.

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I think trick and treat are not really present in Europe, but something around death would be amazing :wink: