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ALL STARS webinar "How to Playtest" - 5th of March, 6PM CET

Hello there, everyone!

Long time no see from my side - I was taking a bit of a break from work and decided to travel around in the past months. It’s been a blessing, and I am very happy to be back with more energy and some great news.

Our (apparently a bit legendary) webinars are back, and this time it will be a conversation with three stars of Trust in Play - @MariaS @sebquack and @JasonCorace. I know, I know. I’m absolutely excited as well.

This time we will talk about a step that’s shortly ahead of all of you in the designing process - playtesting your games. I’d encourage you to start taking notes collectively in the comments and save some of the questions or ideas you feel really should be shared under the post, especially those emerging from your work in progress.

The webinar is happening as always on zoom and HERE is the link. Please sign up for it in advance. The webinar is open to anyone, but I’d especially encourage all of our trainees from three branches to join it.

See you soon, and loads of love in 2020!

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Tag whoever is missing, please :slight_smile:


So excited to this!!
See you tomorrow y’all :slight_smile: