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27th of September webinar - politics in (urban) games

Hello hello, everyone :slight_smile:

We have one more exciting announcement for you - our second webinar, coming up on the 27th of September, 7pm CET

I wanted this session to address the political potential and dimensions of games - and talk with some real wizzards about their approaches, tactics and ways in which they incorporate transformation in their work. I am constantly asking myself the way games address political questions, but maybe even more - how does one even design games (experiences, esthetics, rules) that have the potential of driving change, shaping the world, making it a better place. What is the practice here?


The lineup consists of Andrea Brasch and Tassos Stevens, and hopefully a small surprise (working on it right now :)). Andrea is a digital artist, game designer, educator and one of the initiators of Lyst festival. We will talk a lot about body, identity, sexuality and sensuality.

Tassos Stevens is the director of Coney, and we had a chance to spend some time together in Bulgaria this August. I got to understand better his quest for making the world a lovelier place and learned a bit more about his wide repertoir of tricks and tools that help him realise this mission. I find the simplicity of the call particularly political and potent.

You can register for the meeting here:


great thx! the registraition doesn’t work for me & will there also be a replay later? idea/addition-If games doesn’t mean only digital… it’s great to play games at (political) protest actions e.g street blockades! example love,Anni

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Hi, It seems that the registration for the webinar doesn’t work for me also. Are there any alternative links to register? If you happen to know the exact time it would be useful information for me to arrange my timetable. Thank you and I am looking forward to the webinar.

@Anni and @lydiamanitsidou - thanks for pointing that out, just fixed it :slight_smile:

Yes, we will record the session and publish it here afterward. This will happen at 7PM CET

Hi there,
is the link to this webinar available? :slight_smile:

Ah I just found it: Politics in Urban Games - webinar recording
How about having only one thread for each seminar? It seems counterintuitive to me, to have two for each webinar.

You’re right, it’s a good idea!