Wording Session

Terminology suggestion from Session about Wording (Gabriele + Seb):

European School of Urban Game Design

Trainees - People who take part in Training Week and/or Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program - 1 year continuous mentoring and financial support that the school offers, limited to 18 Trainees

Class of 2020 - the Trainees that were accepted in the Mentoring Program

Mentors - the people who teach/mentor/train the Trainees

Projects - the games/experiences/art projects/toys that the Trainees create during the Mentoring Program, beginning after the Training Week (these are the 6 “games” that we promised in the eu funding application)

Project Groups - 1-X Trainees working together to realize a project

Training Week - 5 days in Athens where 18 Trainees that applied for Mentoring program and possibly further Trainees get together for a kick start

Branches (Amsterdam, Athens, Nomadic) - contact points for the trainees in the mentoring program , Amsterdam is managed by AUAS, Athens by Innovathens/Resilient Athens, Nomadic by Edgeryders

Players / Audience / Participants - people that engage with the Projects developed by trainees (what you call them depends on character of project)

Discourse Platform - online school communication tool

Graduation / Completion - moment Trainees finish mentoring program


  • check legal implications of “school” and “graduation”
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