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What's next in the community and planning?

Just a very quick suggestion regarding the next steps for the project and the community:

  1. I’d like to send a newsletter thids or Monday, telling people about the upcoming webinars and maybe sharing some news about the Athens training? A small teaser?

  2. Adding a game to the list, inviting everyone to play, in the critical city spirit. Does anyone have a suggestion what kind of task should it be?

  3. Also, to organise a call for the trainees - what do you think, would it be also good for other branches to join, or should I concentrate on the nomadic one?

Let me know if you have other ideas, maybe opportunities, suggestions, etc, that I could include in this?

@sebquack @MariaS @matteo_uguzzoni

I’d love to know more about the plans for Athens. I want to book my attendance asap so i don’t miss out.

just get your tickets. the program starts on the 28th and ends on the 2nd. but we recommend staying till the 3rd so you can join the party

Hi Natalia,

A teaser trailer for Athens would be great! Could you explain a bit more what you mean by ‘call for trainees?’ :slight_smile:


I meant a virtual meeting for those of you who were selected to be “official” trainees of the Trust in Play community - since there will be others coming to join the training as well :slight_smile:

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I will love to meet before Athens at least digitally, I can read digital Tarot to everybody in a fake-webinar :slight_smile:


I designed a tarot deck on the future of labour (and games) we should do readings in Athens :crystal_ball:


Sorry for missing the Doodle poll for the meeting - please do try again! It would be great to meet digitially even if it was just as many of us that can make it.