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Webinar #2: Festivals and Community


Dear all, thank you again for showing up during our first webinar (Money and Sustainability in Urban Games with @sebquack @will @MGrelewski grelewski) it was a very interesting discussion with a lot of questions that are going to be a source of learning here in the platform.

The video is available now here, thanks again @natalia_skoczylas for recording us and keeping track of all the questions :slight_smile:

We received overall positive feedback so we are ready for our second webinar!

Save the Date: Monday May 27th, 5pm (Bruxelles time).

This is the link to reserve one spot and don’t get lost with the timing.

This time we are going to discuss Festivals and community.

Festivals were and are one of the first strategy that urban game Designers used to create awareness of the practice and also to meet and learn from peers, in this community alone there are a lot of organizers and in the last 10 years we saw and participate in a lot of amazing events.

We are going to talk about it with:
Maria Saridaki (@MariaS) , co-artistic director of Trust in Play and organizer of the festival Athens Plaython;
Gabi Linde (@LindeGa) , producer, game designer and organizer of the festival Playin’ Siegen: adn
Zoe Buter (@zoewi) playful culture curator at Zo-ii, former Global Game Jam director, curator & co-founder of the Playful Arts Festival.

One thing that we discovered in the first webinar is that 1 hour is too short!

So this time we are going to take 90 minutes, so we can have more time for the final discussion with the participants.

I still feel that webinars are very good conversation starter but is here in the community platform that deep conversation and personal questions will be answered better, so feel free to post everything that come to your mind about it.

The webinar will be held in English.

We are going to use for the webinar, so make sure it works before connecting with us on the 27th. We will not be able to assist you while we are having the discussion :slight_smile:

See you there!


really sad to be missing this one…will be in the wilds of England! looking forward to the online discussion and thank you for posting the Money webinair!


Hi Matteo, thanks for sharing the link to the sustainability podcast. It was helpful - they had some great tips, often learnt the hard way, so hopefully we don’t have to make them all over again…although that is often the way. The points to keep things simple and achievable, and work with established audiences really made sense.

Looking forward to the next podcast on Festivals. I’d be interested to know how people engage non-traditional audiences - people who don’t normally attend arts events. How do they find touch points and what sort of strategies do they employ?



Looking forward to joining this call and finding out more.
I’ll have to drop off at 18:30 as i’ve got another phone meeting, but i’m sure that will be plenty of time.