Wanted: Partners

Hello TiPers!
I am Kostas from the Athenian branch, and i hope you remember me from the School.
I have an idea to create a game for the end of this programm, that it will combine the three branches. I have partners from Athens and Amsterdam branches, so i am wontering if anyone from you, the Nomadic branch, will be interesting to be part of this.
I aiming to form the team until the end of this week, so if anyone is interesting, just contact with me for more information through the whatsApp or to kkekkas@hotmail.com .

Have a playful day!


Hey Kostas nice to hear from you!
Are you up to share some more info about the game here?
I think it will be helpful to understand better if someone can collaborate, maybe something about the topic, and the timeline? Also it will be great so we have the process available for the next games that will be developed!!