Trust in Playcast

Hello everyone!

@matteo_uguzzoni @jyow and I started to create a podcast to document our conversations after various Nomadic Branch meetings, and we have completed the first episode!

Trust in Playcast is a podcast about games, space, and human experience. Our first episode is about getting lost, public space in Baltimore and Athens, and when an intervention in shared space crosses a line. You can listen to it here!

Moving forward, we would love feedback on our first episode as well as ideas for future ones! The topics we have planned are:

  • LARP & Bleed & Magic Circle
  • Consent & the X card in games
    as well as some other loose ideas.

If you have interest in joining an episode yourself, let us know! We would love to collaborate with more people.

Thank you!

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It would not let me add everyone at once :frowning:

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what a great initiative! so good to hear your voices again :slight_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Pinging the Athenian_Branch because what you share is very interesting & there are so many intriguing insights on Athenian public space @Lynx @jsenzel @george_sam @GiorgosPapavasileiou @KonstantinaZ @lydiamanitsidou @TheodoraP @nikolas_kan @Katerina_P @Katerina @Nikos @Sa.rah @Matoula_Koutsari


Oh yes, please do that!!

Hello everyone!

Episode two of the Trust in Playcast is ready! This episode is about LARP, the Magic Circle, Bleed, and our own experiences with those subjects

You can listen to it here!


Are you considering publishing these wider someday, maybe on Spotify? It feels to me that the first episode just kind of took a life of its own, and went in a certain direction by accident, which isn’t bad - it feels a bit like a drift :wink: I will have a listen to the second one later today :slight_smile:

Would anyone else in the community be interested in recording more episodes? And if so, maybe we could explore ways of funding it - these would be most probably very first podcasts about urban game design. For some, this could also be a wonderful chance to talk about the topic they love and learn about the production of podcasts. Maybe a way to experiment with recordings as a gaming experience as well.