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Trust in play at Re Publica

Hey everyone!

I had an extremely busy period, but now I am back on track and I have a proposal for us - how about organising a small panel/workshop and a meetup during RePublica in Berlin in May?

There’s a call for proposal - we did it last year and it got accepted - for which I’d propose hosting a panel, so that we can have more people involved (4 in total), and then use the space for daily meetups, ad hoc, during which we could show our games and maybe work on new ones?

This is especially to our nomadic team: @Highfather @soly @LizzieH @MarinaKy14 @KyrAvram @BagelandBalloon @Coll1sion @LeaLeroy @awhitney @jyow but also for those of you who are based in Berlin - @sebquack @AnneLorraine @jakob.wollekob @Susi @Ann @digitalboaz @AnYa @id4marina @paulschmidt @anaisanais @Varvara (I’m using this super tagging to remind ourselves of the existence of a big Berlin community and to suggest a meeting in New Year’s - to catch up and maybe prepare something new together?)

Let me know what y’all think!

cheers from the super gloomy BRLN


Did you have a topic in mind for the panel? My first thought while reading through the submissions guidelines is that the thing I find juicy and interesting about games in urban space is very tacit, tangible, experienced in play - I wonder what panel topic would get a group of four topic about exactly those aspects. It sounds like a really great idea - I am happy to support if I can but am not up for being on stage / taking a leading role in this.

The idea of meeting up as the Berlin crew in 2020 sounds rad! I am up for that :slight_smile:

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Hey there, my firest question also is about whether you had a certain topic in mind? Something just came to my mind were questions that we touched upon during the week:

How to engage with an urban environment (respectfully)? Whom to contact about the game? What sort of responsibility comes with taking up space in an urban landscape?

I think I would be up for taking part in this and also taking up some intitiative on this.

Great. So we’re slowly having a team!

For me it would be also interesting to explore the topic of urban games in the context of gentrification - can they play a role, and what kind of role would that be?

I think these can be anyway connected. I’d also like to write an email and ask if we could be hosted as a bigger group to animate the meetup space, but also to use it as an excuse for us to reconnect and do something pop-up together.

Do we have anyone in the community who has the right experience? @sebquack or @Simonjohnson, maybe you can advise?

Interesting idea! I feel like I’m too much of a newbie at game design to have the kind of insights or experience to say anything useful as part of a panel, but happy to help in other ways if I can.

@natalia_skoczylas about gentrification… I know more about culture in general being used as a tool to gentrify places, but not so much about games specifically. Having said that, the Enclosures game that I devised was part of a deliberate push back to this: the game is a way of collecting/sharing information about – and hopefully mobilising resistance against – privatisation of public space and it came about as a direct result of the gentrification policies cooked up together by hotels and politicians here in Lisbon.

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great idea, count me in as well!

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Hi there,
sounds very interesting! I am also in Berlin and happy to contribute/support (helping with writing, proofreading, organising, thinking, asking questions, crazy or realistic ideas, explaining how to use public transport or bike in Berlin, where to get cheap good food, etc. etc…) I also feel like too much of a newbie for the stage.

Let me know!