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Transformation Games and planning for the next webinars


Hey everyone!

I have recently spent a wonderful time in Bulgaria, where we hid in a small mountainous village with other geeks, artists, and performers and learned how to do immersive theater (with excellent Simon Hanukai), site-specific theater with Ursula Maria Berzborn from Grotest Maru, storytelling/immersive performances/games with Tassos Stevens from Coney and more specifically about games from @will and Aron Birtalan, who created his own genre: transformation games. They were all incredible teachers and I have learned a lot about various aspects of all these practices. And it made me think of our upcoming online discussions.

One of the main points we have discussed over that period was safety in games and ways to ensure we’re inclusive and respectful at the same time - quite a hard thing to balance especially with games that are based on no-spectator principle, as Aron’s game, for example, are.

I’d like to ask the community if running the next webinar, early September, around the topics of safety in games, would be a good fit?

And another idea would be to then host one more webinar, in October, for which I now propose the topic of “good-doing” potential of games and how to include positive change into our games, and hopefully, we can get Tassos to share some of his magic with us.

What do you think? Do you maybe have other ideas for the topics you’d like to discuss or speakers you’d like to meet? Drop a comment below and let’s make it happen :slight_smile:!

Hello from Áron

These sound like some great subjects to tackle in the next webinairs! Good to see a group of creatives getting together :smiley:


So, we’re tinkering with these two scenarios:

@aronbirtalan in conversation with Johanna Koljonen in October - either safety and consent, or LARP vs Eastern European game experience, design and politics

Second: games for change and the political potential of games - with Tassos Stevens, Rimini Protocol and Albert Kong

@matteo_uguzzoni - i just had a call with Aron, we’re moving the first ball already :slight_smile: But this is a second option he suggested as a topic and of course it also looks exciting, we will start a conversation and frame the final outline of this discussion in a moment.


I am still looking for a female-identifying game designer who deals with politics/transformation in her practice to join Tassos Stevens on this webinar. Maybe @MariaS or @sebquack can recommend me someone?