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To does - Last session- timeline


Until 15th Feb

  • video script,
  • Open Call draft (Maria&Seb)
  • Communication channels (web platform, content ready) – GI & Edgeryders
  • Video / image library (all)
  • Newsletter – we can send one before the open call to inform about it

18 March – Open call online (all) / Website online (GI). Goethe Institut will set the Open call (google form etc)

18 March – 18 May – community building (edgeryders will send an activity plan)

15 May – open call closes.

30 May – selection done (each branch sends the results to the artistic direction)

1 June – we send out the acceptance letters

7 June – runner up notification

15 June – we send out the rejection emails with invitation to the Athens training, and upcoming events.

15 June - end of October - participatory event building

29 October -2 Nov TBC - Athens Training Week


Can we include the visual/ photo here of what we wrote?
It would be much more helpful, thanks @Matoula_Koutsari !




The draft for the Open Call, as sent my @Martijn, is here.


@Matoula_Koutsari I saw in the doc that you’ve shared that the call is now from April 1st till Aprile 30, from the webinar and community point of view this is narrows the window of possible activities a lot, is there a discussion going on somewhere about it? also ping @MariaS and @sebquack


Oh I think that was an oversight! Changed it to may 15


thank you @matteo_uguzzoni, please feel free to make any suggestions/comments on the document



Unlisting this thread as to not confuse people with a timeline that has changed