Tiz’s Resources: After the fact (resources)

I have not forgotten about some resources I promised to share - but also some other links that I thought you might enjoy:

  • I have corrected the presentation - More than Games; now you can see what it was meant to be initially.
  • Here is the site for the Playing Up! Cards. I don’t think they are selling them anymore. I could find the gender card expansion.
  • Here are the Protest games I talked about.
  • Talking about protest - Brandalisim replaces public adverts with critical and satirical content.
  • This site to play all sorts of old video games (Atari, GameBoy, Nintendo, Sega, Arcade games)
  • And last, but not least, just for fun I wanted to share this gem: Husband Calling Contest.

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Great! Thank you very much for sharing such nice references.

I really like the immersion scale on your presentation and some of the protest games are amazing… As for the Husband calling contest WTF?? hahaha is hilarious.

Send you a big hug!

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I here is my bookmark collection if you are ever bored :slight_smile:

Lots of hugs mi estimado :slight_smile: