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TiP Quarantine Jams - next steps

Hey everyone,

Wow, Quarantine Jam #1 was an intense 8h experience, we played a lot, shared a lot and learnt a lot! Thank you for making it happen.
We used zoom and tried to re-create the process and feel of a game jam as close as possible. In our page you can see two of the projects we created. Thank you @jsenzel and @LindeGa for documenting them.

We are currently thinking about the next format and the content of our new online meetup. We are thinking to organize a 2-3h playtesting meetup, so that anyone can test a game/experience or aspect of a game and get feedback.

What other formats could we explore or specific themes we can work with?
This is a post to add suggestions, tools, themes etc around our next TiP Quarantine meetup/jam/playdate/playtesting/anything play.

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Hallo hallo!

I really like the idea of the digital playtesting but I would love to see a twist towards organizing around digital space and not just presenting.*
I also like the thought of workshops, as in, every team taking 15-20 minutes to teach something to the others, give some kind of specific hint, technique, tool or paradigm. Even better if there is a list like in our Innovathens jam. (9:00 - George, LARP Characters in a nutshell, 19:15 - [X] [Y subject], etc).

*What I mean by digital space is that, currently, the digital realm is our public space. Maybe, through the playtests, teams could create a micro-game (similar in logic, but different in structure), that could be fast-played online, in a digital form.

As an example, personally, I’ll make a 5-10 minutes (kinda) simple mini-game - with some similiar principles to what I would like to run, centered around “looting” information from different links and diving into them to gain “team points”. (Either in a competitive basis, or in a team-cooperation-trying-to-hit-the-top-grade basis). Probably with a little dark vibe to make up for the lack of the survival element.


Thank you @GiorgosPapavasileiou for sharing, we can start working on such a format next week. One of our main issues was that zoom doesn’t allow participants to move around to breakout rooms on their own. I kept looking for another tools and I might have found a tool, called
Has anyone used it before?
@sebquack @Sa.rah

Hi Maria,

thank you for organizing this. I personally do not know qiqochat. I heard that mumble is nice and safer for bigger calls, but have not tried it yet myself (

Seeya soon!!

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Thank you @Sa.rah, I will check it out as well :slight_smile: