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Thibault & Juan

DISCLAIMER: the descriptions of the projects were written by the other (Juan wrote Thibault’s project description and vice versa). Therefore, the displayed content is subject to misunderstandings and subjective interpretation.

Thibault is a social and cultural hacker interested to modify everyday interactions.

For this he has an idea called Citizens of Cydonia. Cydonia is not a place on earth but mars (but it is not important). The Citizens of the Cydonian community can have access to an actual passport that allows them to identify themselves as part of the community. Cydonia would also have a series of embassies in different cities where the citizens can meet. Additionally citizens can set their own rules, everyone can set a rule even if it is contradictory. The rules will be interchanged through the embassies and also sticked into the passports.

Juan is a trained architecture, just finishing his phd.

His vision is to connect the health of people to the health of the city they are living in. There will be stations where people can record their pulse (by placing their finger on a sensor). This pulse is translated into a pattern, visualized on a screen. Additionally, the station records properties of the city, such as pollution, and also translates them into visual pattern. The screen will then show a mix of both these patterns to relate a person’s health to the city’s health.

This is a comment for Cydonia :))

It’s really interesting how sometimes we place things outside our planet in order to have the space to explore relationship and more serious topics, I think in design is called Speculative Design and I love it!

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