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The Power of Play - Voices from the Play Community

A pdf of “The Power of Play - Voices from the Play Community” book, shared earlier by Mathias Poulsen (@mathiaspoulsen), a play activist and founder of the wonderful Counterplay Festival

The book is a collection of chapters, ideas and games to explore play and playfulness from research and practice, to inspire conversations and to help people bring more play into the world.

Editors: Mathias Poulsen (main editor), Kate Langham, Zuraida Buter, Zack Wood, Alex Moseley, Deidre Tomlinson, Jessica Penrose.
Layout and design: Kráhenwald
Proofreading: Zack Wood, Kate Langham, Robb Mitchell, Olivia Pallesen.
First edition published in Aarhus, Denmark, March 2017.
ISBN : 978-87-999752-0-4