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Speaker for summer script writing school wanted!


Hello everyone!

some months ago I was working with Dimitar Uzunov, helping him plan the summer school in Bulgaria for immersive theater and urban game design. @matteo_uguzzoni was invited to be one of the speakers, and we decided that in case money and time will not allow, we will find a replacement for him - which is the case now.

This is the content Matteo proposed to cover - as part of Trust in Play team. Dimitar runs a successful theater company between Paris and Sofia and has been organizing the school for years now, and I think he is quite a strategic partner for our cultural work - well connected and interested in things we care for. I would like to ask which one of you, @sebquack or @MariaS, or maybe someone else, could replace Matteo on the 1st of August (in Sofia) to give a talk about the same topic (the date proposed to Matteo has just changed, 1st of August is final). Dimitar covers trip, accommodation, food and a fee of 200 eur. You are also invited to stay the whole school if you want to, the minimum is 29-1 of August before we go to the village (the rest of the program is really rad, he invited top teachers).

We need a confirmation by Wednesday to be able to apply for the travel grant - can one of you confirm your availability by then?

Below is the link to the school and the description:

Lecture by Matteo Uguzzoni

In English Play is a word that identify both ludic activities and performances (acting, producing music, etc). In the last years this semantic overlapping is a rich place for exploration and creation of new format and experiences.
During this talk we will explore what play means in public spaces, which kind of strategies we can design to create something both ephemeral and transformative, how to engage passerby, how to design site-specific games.
The talk will be held in collaboration with Trust in Play, the European School of Urban Game Design


such a wonderful initiative! thank you @natalia_skoczylas and @matteo_uguzzoni.
but I am afraid I will not be available then :frowning:


Oooh very tempting, but I also won’t be able to make the trip.


Hey @sebquack and @MariaS thanks! Unexpected turn in my life will bring me to Europe this summer (my wife is starting an internship in London so I will spend some time there with her in August), I will be able to be in Bulgaria for the writing school, thanks again for checking if you could cover me!


Congrats for her and great that you will not miss this! :slight_smile:


Hi @natalia_skoczylas

This sounds like something I could help with.

I could talk about my own work as Venice as a Dolphin as well as my work with Coney and HiddenCity.

Let me know if you’re interested.



Also @matteo_uguzzoni cool that you’re coming to the UK. Drop me a message. You should come to Brighton (where I’m living now, 1 hour from London).


hey Will!

thanks for getting in touch, in fact there is already a speaker from Coney in the program - Tassos Stevens, but I can connect you with the organizer and we can see if they are still looking for more speakers or workshop leaders. Or maybe you want to come over as a participant? Matteo wrote already a few comments above that he is actually able to come and speak on the event, so we’re good with that one slot.

let me know if you want me to make an introduction with Dimitar, and I’ll be happy to do so!

Anyhow, welcome to the community - looking forward to talking more about game design and other adventures :slight_smile:


Ah I missed that bit. No problem.