Solstice's Games Party

Hello beautiful people!

The summer is upon us, with fierce weather, unbearable humidity, intense showers, thunders and tropical storms (or maybe not).

It’s time to celebrate the beginning of a new season with the hope for more public space, less social distancing, more games, and, yes, less back pain.

We invite you to join the Solstice’s Games Party: maybe the longest zoom call you have ever attended, a 10-hour marathon with multiple locations (yes, you will be taken to places) that kicks off at 3 PM CET (Berlin, Belgrade, Warsaw), and ends in the middle of the shortest night of the year.

Participation is open for anyone to join

When: Saturday, June 20th, 15:00 - 1:00 CET

Here is the link to the zoom meeting:

Meeting ID: 845 0365 8949

Password: trustplay

Check this link (Solstice's Games Program) for complete program.

Some highlights:

The Nomadic Branch presents their Urban Games in a series of 5 minutes talks to present 7 new games they designed over the last year. You will be taken into different realms, various virtual, mental, and physical spaces.

“Let’s be heroes” is a zoom room where we will play a game about meditating and self-evaluating who we are and want to be. It was designed by Vian Nguyen (they/them), a recent graduate of the MICA Game Design program (Baltimore, US).

“Role-playing with young people” is a zoom panel where we will explore how TTRPGs can help young people better connect with their peers and the world around them, by Alex Levene (he/him) from Bristol, UK.

We will also mix some drinks, sing along, and try our ASMR skills. We all might need a youtube career soon.

And more!

We will have a zoom dress code: summer love!

Wear sunglasses, pick your favorite beach as background, prepare yourself a generous fruit salad, biodegradable glitter, sit in the real sun, wear a flower crown, cover your face with sunscreen, just send us some summer vibe!

And get ready for the longest Zoom call of your life!!


We are live in 30 minutes!! Check the Zoom link and dress fresh! See you later!