Social media: 3 headlines to share!

A proposal and template for decentralized social media sharing. @Team, take it or leave it? :slight_smile:

How it works: Every week or more often someone adds in this wiki 3 headlines for the whole team to share. The messages are ready made, but everyone is encouraged to personalize as they see fit. Instructions:

  • Post the ready made social message to be copied by the team (include keywords, hashtags, @ pings)
  • Add an attractive visual to accompany the message
  • Add a link to the original content/ signup page/ platform post etc.
  • Always add your 3 headlines in the beginning of the topic
  • Always ping others in the team to remind them to post.


Week 1-5 February

Trust in Play launch event in Berlin: who’s there and wants to join? Sign up before Feb 5th! link here #trustinplay #invisibleplayground @sebquack

please share @noemi @…