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School of Machine - Online Class - Maybe interesting for some

accidentally found this course. it’s with fee but limited solidarity tickets on donation. hope you’re all well. Love Anni

" What can be gained by learning to express yourself through the creation of personal games in uncertain times?"


This is brilliant and the tutors are great! I will definitely give it a go, see you there! :star_struck:

Second @MariaS - I have met Rachel, the founder of the school, and saw one of the exhibitions she did with her students. She and the school are amazing. And we were supposed to be right now with her school in China experimenting with new tech…

I also know that @Highfather had experience with the school and liked it a lot, if you need an extra encouragement. Thanks for sharing this!

Hey @Anni I changed the title so people knows what your post is about, thank you for sharing it sounds amazing!