Rustavi meeting

Hello @Coll1sion @MariamK and @ReverseG
This is the space where we can plan our first meeting in Georgia and a small game design jam.

First of all, which dates would be good to you?
Is last week(end) of August suitable?

We could use it for two things:

  1. Organise a game for the Rustavi citizens to have a taste of what urban games are (do you know Journey to the end of the night? I have experience organising it on a massive scale, 1000+ participants, so i could help with this easily. But we can chose something else).

  2. Do a small sandbox event and try things out, maybe come up with the first concepts for the game, or even a few of them

@matteo_uguzzoni will be with us in spirit and via skype whenever necessary.



if we want to engage people in something, i would suggest September. Most people comeback to the city in the mid of September, when the university and school begins. On the last week of September we usually have Rustavoba (local celebration of our city’s birthday), we could include this game as part of that celebration. But i will need to gather more information what is planned for the event and if it will be possible.

if we want to use the first meeting to prepare for the event, then last week of August will be great.

No i do not know that game, would be grateful if you shared it with us.

That makes sense! Let’s then plan a meeting in late August to try things out - I doubt i will be able to join late September again, but that depends on the actual dates of the event. If you know when exactly it is, that would be super useful for me to plan, as I’m curating a big festival in Berlin late September as well.

Having the game(s) included in Rustabola sounds perfect to me. So we would need a few weeks of planning, then a trial and a meeting, and it could be ready by the end of September. When I did it, i managed to get sponsors and prizes as well - this could work if it’s connected to a big event even better.

here is the game: - have a look, and let me know. i’m open to do anything, really!

This looks a lot of fun. I would love to play it, but we can edit the game topic and theme right. or the setting?

I will get the dates and settings what is going to happen at the event in September, and then we will be able to integrate the game into it.

Another reason for small delay might be, I am also planning Rustavi Cyber week (hackaton, Gamejam and cybersport events in the same period.) If the game happens during that time, this can be the most awesome week youth of Rustavi has ever seen.

I hope and will do my best for that to happen. I will be in touch, I hope by Sunday I will have the detailed information of when and how everything can happen.

You won’t have to be alone in this. I prepared that game with 2-3 people working with me, and it had 1000 participants and went really smoothly. We nevertheless should collaborate with some groups that would do the checkpoints - and this is where you can easily adapt and get creative, but I think we can also think of more radical changes to the game. I love the idea :slight_smile:

So, now we are waiting for the dates of the festival and dates when I should come over, tentatively late August. We can already start planning the game via calls as well.

Any ideas why the others from Rustavi are not active? :slight_smile: @MariamK and @ReverseG - we need you!

I will not be alone. I have a lot of people to help, including Nika and Mariam.

Now I was thinking about the game and how it would spread throughout the city and got alittle worried. Rustavi is a small city, where it takes around 1 hour to fully walk around it. Also there are chokepoints, 2 bridges across the river which connects two parts of the city. Correct me if i am wrong, but the geography and the specifics of the city will play important roles in adaption of the game.

Indeed, it’s really worth thinking about the route carefully - but when I did it, i completely forgot there will be a section you can only cross by bridges - and was dying of fear that everyone will get killed trying to pass them. But it worked. We have to be clever about it, for sure :slight_smile: No worries, if not this game, will pick something else, I will think about other possibilities.

We will think of other possibilities as well. I like the general idea of this game, It really got me excited, I will think of the adaptions which would fit the specifics of our city.

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Great, should we all have a call, also with @MariamK and @ReverseG this week to discuss and plan the meeting? I’d like to book my flights and put it in my calendar as it’s already extremely packed and only getting worse :smiley:

I’m sorry couldn’t get in touch earlier since I had problems with logging in. So, we’re looking forward to working and meeting with you. I am available from the first week of September, but I won’t be in town during the August. So whatever works for you, so you shall already start booking your tickets!

Hello natalia

Sorry for the delayed reply, The organizing team for the event started working last week. so It was not clear when and what would happen on Rustavoba (I was given that information yesterday)

So the events are on 20 - 22 of September, we could organize our events during that time. Each evening there will be 3 main events, on 20 it will color festival, on 21 some sports events and on 22 it will be ethnic festival. We could organize on 21 September.

Your visit could be on end of august. We will just need to know everything, we plan on those days to plan the meetings accordingly

Ciao everyone!
I’m so sorry for going AWOL on you, that was because I was waiting for the response regarding the funds for my visit - and it turns out the city of Rustavi is moving very slowly, and we haven’t received the money yet. We don’t know when this will happen, either, which makes the whole planning a bit difficult, but I hope we will have some good news soon.

What I’d suggest in this case is to start working remotely - if you want to do Journey at the Rustavi festival, we can still pull it off, but I will help you via online meetings. We can start ASAP :slight_smile: And possibly then we can plan my visit in the wintertime - I’d be happy to come over and help you work on the games that will be prepared for the final, spring showcase, and we can organise a small local event around it for your community.

Sounds good?

Please feel free to add tips and ideas to this, it’s thinking out loud more than fixed, final proposal :slight_smile:

Have a great day! :wink:

hello, city is figuring out some details for the payment.

Let’s start planning now, and if me make it for Rustavoba that will be great, if not then we can do it separately or merge with another festival. my point is we should start creating games :slight_smile:

Ok, when are you all available for a call?

Propose a date and time, maybe 2-3 options, in the next 10 days, and I will make it :slight_smile:

Hello natalya

I had deadline to meet at work, so could not reply earlier. Can we make the call on Friday Evening?

We have CET +3, so hope we can chose time which is convenient for all of us

It’s a bit too short of a notice - do you mean today, or the next week?

Ideally, I’d do that on the 16th of September, Monday, could be evening

Does it work with everyone?

I think that will be good for everyone.

Everyone will be back in town as well.

Since i haven’t heard back from the rest of the team (do you guys get notifications from the platform?), i guess we won’t meet on the 16th - but I scheduled another, big group meeting, for us in the coming days. I hope all of you will join!

@MariamK and @ReverseG

Hello everyone!

@MariamK @ReverseG and @Coll1sion - do you guys already have your tickets to Athens by any chance? Are you coming for sure? I am trying to get your attention but I fail miserably, I hope to hear from you soon…