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Resource: Meeting & collective decision-making facilitation Tools

Here is a great toolbox for facilitating group workshops, for smaller or larger groups.
by Seeds for Change, a UK co-op devoted in community empowerment, collective decision-making, and activism. They do provide their paid facilitation and consultancy services, but they have also released a range of handbooks and publications for doing it yourself! Highly recommended!

Another toolbox, emerging from the post-counter-culture tradition of Radical Ecology, Permaculture & Feminism, with a tad of New Age Spirituality: “The Five-Fold Path of Productive Meetings”, by Starhawk.
Emphasis on non-hierarchical structures.

Another TiP-tested group-work methodology is the so-called Mastermind Group.
A very old peer-to-peer mentoring and problem-solving framework was studied and coined by Napoleon Hill as early as 1928. According to Hill, early forms of Mastermind Groups contributed to the success of great American tycoons, inventors and politicians, such as John Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Theodore Roosevelt, among other Monopoly© characters.
(You can find the book here:
Nowadays, numerous companies provide their consultancy and facilitation of Mastermind Group services, as business elevation strategies.

To our knowledge, the framework was also used by UrbiLudi’s remote group work for the design of two games in the framework of TiP.

If anyone knows if it is okay to use “Monopoly©” this way, I would love to keep it, cause I am lmao’ing myself since I devised this joke.