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Resource: Game Pitching Template

Pitching your game, as in throwing the ball successfully for your discussant to get it easily, is a context-specific process, that can be performed between friends, family and collaborators, stakeholders and community gatekeepers, to high-end corporate organizations and government authorities.
Different interlocutors have diverse interest in regards to your proposed project, and different ways of helping you achieve it.

Here is a “project pitching template”, that will help you organize your project in different categories, in order to communicate it more consistently to your discussants.
From project title and description, theme and genre, target audience, business model, targets and solutions, an all-in-one pitching tool.

Prepared by star-curator Maria Saridaki

*Note that your grandmother just wants to know what your game is about, while “Scrooge McDuck Corp.” are all about how to make money out of it. Choose wisely on what aspect of your project breakdown you want to emphasize to whom, but also be prepared for “out-of-the-box” questions for clarification.