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Quoits Game updated

Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing okay.

Unfortunately by the time I got my props and a group ready to do a playtest, Lisbon went into lockdown, so I’ve been spending the last week trying to work out how to do an indoor playtest. The result is I’ve now got an outdoor version and an indoor version of my game.

I included info on how to make the quoit for the game, but really if there is anything in your house that you can make a hoop shape out of it should work.

There’s no way to play this game and not be in close contact with other people, but if anyone is isolating with two or more other people and fancies giving this a go, I’d really love some feedback. Even better if you’re able to record the test, or video call me.

Thank you!! :yellow_heart:


Hi everyone, good to see your faces earlier!
This is my most recent (finished?) version of the rules for my Quoits game, with some changes made to incorporate @soly’s feedback (thanks S!). It can be played indoors or outdoors with 2 people or more.

I’m thinking of following @matteo_uguzzoni’s suggestion and having a set time when a few people can read over the rules together on Zoom and then try play testing it. When is a good time for people who’d like to try it?

@Highfather @MarinaKy14 @BagelandBalloon @KyrAvram @Coll1sion @LukaMilorava @awhitney @jyow

Hi everyone, I was hoping to try to do a little Zoom meeting play test on Monday evening (20th April), 17:30 CET. The idea is to go through the rules together to see if they make sense and then for everyone to have a go at playing in their own homes whilst on camera. To play all you need is 1 or more other people and something you can make a hoop shape out of (rolled up paper / bent wire (e.g. coat hanger) / spare bike tyre). Full game details here.

In total it should only take 40 minutes, unless any one else would like to piggyback and test their game during the same call? (Please do!) Will post call link here on the day.

Also on a totally different subject, I’m looking for donations of playing cards and fortune-telling cards…

Thanks guys!
Lizzie xx

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Hi Lizzie! Not free tonight but if you have any other times kicking about, let us know!

I’m available today, I can play by myself! I posted the news on the Game Lab community (Here in Baltimore) maybe some student will show up!

Nice! Zoom details below… see you in 10 mins!

Topic: Lizzie Quoits Zoom Meeting
Time: Apr 20, 2020 04:30 PM Lisbon

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 728 4376 1421
Password: 095799

oh no! I didn´t know that there was a meeting! But what a spiritual connection! Yesterday we were playing! I love the game, its “acrobatic” character, it sounds like such a fun! We tried it with bunch of my younger friends, they got really excited about the game immediately and they liked the physical aspect of it so much that while playing, they abandoned the hoop and kept creating “structures” only :smiley:

here it is what it looks like when the @LizzieH Quoits meet the Pocket Park

Have a great day!


No worries about missing the Zoom - would have been hard to do the video call whilst playing outside. So glad your younger friends enjoyed the game! The photos are really impressive! Looks like it worked well with the tyre structures in pocket park :smiley: Thanks so much!