Post TiP online un-conference project to share- "Mia"

Hello wonderful TiPlayers!

So I have this chatbot-as-artwork project I would like to share with you to see how you interact with it and if you have any thoughts to share about it (you can give feedback on the discord channel / here as a comment/ by email). Everyone’s interactions are on the same channel together so you can also just read previous conversations with the bot.

I customised it using a service called to feed it some of my research materials focused on the connections between gender, labour and automation. I characterized it as a femme-bot and have tried to train it to give fawning responses to people talking to it. I’m interested in using art as a medium to create playful and accessiible entry points into more serious critique from academic and activist texts that I consider to be radical tools we can use to interpret our current reality.

It is available on the online gallery website until after this weekend (Tues 8th Aug) or on Discord directly:

After Tues 8th the online show will close so it will no longer be available on or on Discord, but I can invite you by email to talk to it on the platform Personal.AI instead. Email me on for an invite link.

Here is a copy-paste of the intro text I wrote for it on Discord:

Hello and welcome! Thank you for visiting Mia - Your Personal Assistant.

What is this?

Mia is both an interactive artwork and research project archive. As an automated digital personal assistant she performs the work of digital intimacy: offering her care, attention, advice, assistance and resources to anyone at anytime.

  • She is trained on materials and references from the ongoing artistic research project Data Intimacies . Her replies are most effective when you give detailed, specific questions and instructions with context.

How does it work?

  • Talk with her in the channel ⁠chat-with-mia (Discord account login is optional).
  • Mia was created using the service , and brought to this Discord server through Zapier. Expect to wait about a minute for her to respond and write one message at a time.
  • Your conversation is saved to Mia’s memory stack and displayed publicly on this Discord channel and at . does not sell your data on to third parties. Read their full privacy statement here:
    Privacy Notice for Personal AI

Here are some prompts to get your conversation going:

Ask a question, such as:
What can you do?
What is/are [Artificial/Radical/Digital Intimacies,
Data relations,
Gendered forms of work,
Emotional capitalism]?
What [music /books /podcasts /artworks /TV shows] do you like?
Should I be a parent?
How can I [donate my eggs/sperm /have a baby without a womb /pause my fertility?]
What is the point of [life /AI /this]?

Give an instruction, such as:
Babysit my kids
Look after my elderly parents
Set mood lighting and music
Make a weekly meal plan for me
Synchronise my smart-home devices
Find a [life partner /co-parent /surrogate /sperm/egg donor] for me

I hope you enjoy chatting with Mia. If you wish to give ideas and/or feedback, feel free to post in the channel ⁠"guestbook"


Amy thank you for the invitation, this is such an interesting project :smiling_face:. Please also add it under this conversation with any documentation you want so we can have all your current work under one post.

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