Play the city , what really make you love a city?

Good morning, everyone. My name is kofi I am Togolese but I live in Senegal in West Africa in Dakar, a city that has been implementing its smart city project for 3 years now. And which houses the largest museum of black civilization in the world. I am a creative director with a gamification certification by the German government (giz/bmz). I have been involved in the video game industry since 2008, I organize competitive video game events in West and North Africa.
Producing events where people feel good and have fun on many forms of digital or physical is my daily life with its share of problems and experiences. I also worked for 5 years in the aerospace and open data sector with NASA (, I am now more focused on open data for culture ( Museums, libraries, archives and art galleries). Just 2 months ago, I and my colleagues launched a start up in the digitalization of museums called musel (, which explains my interest in better understanding the gamification of urban spaces.
For me, the trust of an urban space allows you to do more than you can in a space that does not inspire confidence and that takes into account a lot of factors. I have been teaching design x esports for 2 years at the KEDGE Campus in Bordeaux, France, city which won a world prize for the most lifestyle city in the world in 2017 . The city completely empower you , mobility , accessibility connecting clusters of interest , playful spaces like Darwin .