Play like your life depends on it!

Hello you lot,

My quick introduction.

I’m Ben - @thoughtben - and I make playful experiences.

Mostly for screens, often in cultural spaces and always with learning in mind.

A multiplayer game about climate change for a museum in Utah; playfully unlocking Tate’s archive with Magic Tate Ball; turning a museum into a giant board game in Capture The Museum; helping young people realise they’re awesome at science through a mysterious online adventure game.

I was a founding resident of Bristol’s Pervasive Media Studio in 2008, built a team under the banner of Thought Den to make games that make a difference, led the Art & Design team at Preloaded for three years, before returning to Thought Den to focus on new horizons in play.

Two of the people I admire most in urban play and count as good friends are Simon Johnson (Free Icecream) and Rosie Poebright (Splash & Ripple) I’ve worked with both, learned a huge amount but I want to learn more.

Technology has always been an important tool in bringing people together, but the thing I really regret is not making more experiences grounded in the real world, where technology still empowers, but from the backseat, hidden from view.

We’re facing crises on many frontiers - the environment, health, community, education - and I plan to help by trusting in play. The global community growing around “Trust in Play” already looks interesting and can only become more so. It’s a lightning rod around which playmakers can rally!

Born in Bristol, currently in London, often in Amsterdam and always keen on discussing collaborations. Let’s play our way to a better future.

Bye for now,



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