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Participate in photoplay: utopias and dystopias

The future is a place to which the entry seems to be blocked now. This also changes our perception of time.

Imagining and visualizing the alternatives enables us to deal with the emotions generated by this situation. Together we can build a collective emotional map to guide us and expand our future timeline from point into a space.

So come along!
Immerse yourself in imagining alternative futures and take a photographs of a dystopia and an utopia.
Take part in creating a global emotional map of the future.
Let’s play that the future is a place where we can - together with the help of imagination and imagery - build a bridge. Vistas of the future can be found through images.

“An utopia is a dreamlike plan, a distant ideal society. Utopia is a mixture of Greek and Latin, meaning a place that does not exist.
Dystopia is the opposite of utopia: a ‘bad place’, a place that is not dreamed of and is not hoped to come to pass; a horror image of a future society. " (Koukkunen, 1990)

There are no rules for taking these photos; only your imagination is the limit. You can choose whether you want to take pictures in nature, in an urban environment, or indoors. If you have people, objects or imaginary characters visible. Are you photographing close-up, landscape, from bird or frog eye, existing things or created for this purpose.
Play freely and unleash your imagination when creating your dream and horror futures. Imagine freely and realize wildly.

To participate, please upload your visual results here:

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