Open Call: Incentives

Hi everyone!

As we are working on our texts for our Open Call texts and video with @sebquack, we would like to ask for some input from your collective mind, about the incentives we offer and specifically:

what this school has to offer to our trainees? aka why should people apply?

could you please offer ideas, lists, sentences or words? We want to make sure we are not missing a great idea or a perfect way to word it. Do not worry about being repetitive or expressing an idea you consider obvious, your input is important!

Please share by the end of this week (Sunday 3rd of March)

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Hey @MariaS sure!

I think this question pairs with what @natalia_skoczylas was asking (here)

What gap in the urban game design world can this community fill?

I feel that we have to be able to deliver:

  • Knowledge about sustainability
  • Opportunities to work on bigger scale projects (Filling the gap between indie designer and big institution (similar to the Edgeryders model)
  • Community and peer to peer connections (outside -or in absence- of urban games Festivals)

It sounds almost as a survival training to navigate the cultural world as an outsider (game designer? Are you an artist or what?)
Which could also be a good starting point:
“Urban Games and playful practices in public space are an artistic practice that is not recognized as such from the institutions, the result? It’s very hard to survive and you always fell as an outcast! With this workshop we are training you on how to become more susteinable, learn the cultural model language, connect with others that are struggling as you are, but at the same time creating amazing and interactive works in public space and cities.”

And possibly an open laboratory for new game designs, connecting new designers from all around the world?

@MariaS, as you’re mentioning the call, I wanted to ask if you made sure this will happen via the platform, as an engine that would already bring people here and make them tell their stories and meet each other?

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Thank you @matteo_uguzzoni you have been really helpful and yes I agree that we have to address the identity building and the different levels of struggle of the designers and try not to overpromise. I love the idea of the survival training (@sebquack could that be an extra inspiration for the video?)

Thank you @natalia_skoczylas, this is actually a proposal that inspired an interesting discussion during our kickoff meetup in January. It is one of the strong points of this project and it could definitely be one of our strong points in the sustainability of the school as well. Thank you for reminding it!
Regarding your question, we are currently working on the Open Call content-wise and channel-wise and we will make sure to use all suitable channels. We will familiarise ourselves with the platform during the next weeks, to choose whether we will use it and in what ways.

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