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Online Collaboration Tools

Hi all,
we are currently searching for online collaboration tools, that are safe and trustful.
We search for tools for:
sharing documents online
collaboratively working on documents online

Ideas? Suggestions?

For instant messaging (instead of using fb messenger or whatsapp) we have found the best and safest.

I’m using for instant messages,
it works and it’s also really secure :slight_smile:

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For sharing documents in a cloud I can recommend NextCloud which can be easily self-hosted. There is an add-on for collaborative online-documents but I haven’t managed to get it working.


hi all,

here some more safer tools, that we might use more during these days (safe doesn’t exist, but safer does;)

VIDEOCALLS: open source and encypted:

smaller calls: JITSI
for example here:

for bigger Videocalls (more participants): Mumble

Pixelx offers a free(!) 5GB nextcloud(!) for
online collaboration/document sharing/…

The difference between Signal and Riot is: in Riot you have to switch the encryption manually on and the other person has to do that too. In Signal it is encrypted automatically and you have to manually switch it off. People tend to use the default mode, hence Signal is better, I think.

(real time)
-texts, tables, whiteboards, kanban, presentations, surveys:

-and of course nextcloud for example hosted by pixelx (see link above) - .md-files: basic text-documents


Oh and here an article that explains some basics of safer tools and encryption:
It is an older article. The author now recommends Signal. The general understanding of safer online tools privided by this article is still helpful I think.