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Odyssey Works! Experience Design for One-Person Audiences

Happy to introduce ourselves!

“The idea is a beautiful inefficiency: a tiny but infinitely more affected audience,”

Imagine waking up to find yourself immersed in a performance that is all about you. Since 2001, Odyssey Works has been creating immersive, durational experiences for an audience of one. Our team is made up of artists in dozens of disciplines who study the life of one individual and use whatever means necessary to create intimate, meaningful performances that last days, weeks, or months, and occur not on a stage but interwoven with the life of our audience of one. The experiences are transformative; most of our participants change jobs, move, make new commitments to loved ones shortly after their Odysseys.

Odyssey Works is based in the US, but we will be coming to Europe soon!
Here’s a book by Princeton Architectural Press about our work.


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Hello. I have been hearing about your work for a long time and I’m fascinated by it. Will you be coming to the UK? Would love to have a coffee.