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Notes on 6/12 informal meeting

  1. Maybe think of the target group we are interested in working with (if existing).

  2. The use of the element of “locality” to foster interaction

  3. Forms and game mechanisms that focus on human interaction and not the mechanism itself (it is important that the game primarily facilitates interaction and not thoughts such as “what a nice installation”)

  4. The form of the game seems connected with the target group (f.e. is it a –pre scheduled- event or a long term game?)

  5. Research about a specific area (f.e. Pedion tou Areos) – collect stories – how easy is to approach locals?

  6. Within the winning condition, let’s explore “defeat” as just a different type of experience and not as something “bad”

  7. Focus on small scale kind of “city scape” abandoned places, that will function as an “attraction point” for local communities to meet’

*1-3 and 7 are mostly connected with the playful experience Jonah, Lydia, Nikos K. and Katerina M. are exploring. 5 and 6 has mostly to do with Valia’s proposition.