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Notes from end of november meeting

Hi all, Just wanted to give an update from Saturday’s meeting for anyone who wasn’t there and to recap

The biggest thing we discussed is that it might help in the process of forming teams to distinguish between “games” and “playful experiences” since many of us felt strongly that we would like to work on one type of project or the other, and by saying which type we wanted to work on we could narrow down who we might work best with.

To try and make the difference between the types a little more clear, we discussed and felt that generally speaking “games” have win conditions (you either win or you lose), while “playful experiences” do not

so with this in mind we found the following (for the people who were at the meeting)

People who are mostly interested in creating a “game” (probably with win conditions) for the long term project:

  • Nikos V.
  • Michalis
  • Theodora
  • Katerina P.
  • Kostas

People who are mostly interested in creating a “playful experience” (probably without win conditions) for the long term project

  • Jonah
  • Nikos K.
  • Katerina M.
  • Rannia

As Nikos pointed out during the meeting, there are many different ways to categorize games/experiences and win conditions is just one of them! The reason why in the meeting we were interested in this specific categorization is because a lot of people felt very strongly that they only want to work on one or the other. So we thought we would try to use this binary difference to organize a bit and discuss in smaller groups that maybe have similar interests for the final project (If you don’t like this idea, and have another idea that might help us form teams, please post!!)

So, as we talked about in the meeting I will make two discussion threads here on the platform, one for games and one for playful experiences

we all also agreed that we should have at least one more informal meeting during this week, and maybe that it would be useful to have 2 separate meetings for the 2 types? Leave your thoughts on this as well


As a note, another binary classifications that we talked about during the meeting that we thought might help us talk about our games is the distinction between projects that are “Systemic/Emergent” and projects that are based on “Closed/Determined Narrative” Just a thought!

//Other things we discussed as a group:

  • Still trying to find a way to practically execute the final step of team formation (each of us finding just one team to work with). we talked about some ideas but still searching for a way to do it without it feeling like a business pitch/popularity contest

  • The Importance of including Trust as a central element at this stage in design (we said that ideally the idea that Trust should be central enough to the idea, that if you remove the concept of trust from the idea, it no longer works)

  • Possibly giving some consideration to trying to balance backgrounds amongst the teams (IE forming teams in a way that there are not 5 architects etc. on one team)

  • And, The importance of including trust in our own work process, meaning that whatever team we end up in, it’s important to trust that we will find a way to work together and create something with whoever we are working with


I proudly announce that the ideas of Michalis and Kostas are combined to one, with the support of Sarah!
Soon, we will be ready to reveal more of our secrets…
Stay tuned.


@MariaS could you write here once more, what the teams should have until the next meeting?

or maybe even the entire timetable for the whole program would be useful :slight_smile:

For the next meetup we will discuss the project ideas/teams/possible locations/trust connection/possible audiences and stakeholders that have been formatted so far.

We don’t need anything finalised, just draft ideas and possible directions to work with.

We will work the overall timetable together (and will keep you posted of course)

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